Sunday, 20 September 2009


When I first started the media course I expected to be using the computers at all times. I expected to study films, television programs and maybe advertisements and websites. My perceptions haven't changed as this is what we are doing at the moment.
I am enjoying learning about all the different types of camera shots and sound effects as I hadn't studied any of this before.
The small piece of written work was quite challenging as I hadn't studied Media before, but with my notes from the lesson I managed to complete it.
I have understood all of the work we have done as I have have gone through all my notes and made sure it all makes sense to me.
From watching the James Bond film Casino Royale I have learnt that adding sound effects to a film is more complicated than you think, getting the timings right must be the hardest part of sound in movies.
I found that the short film Gone Fishing was interesting as even though it only lasted about 20 minutes and was very simple it was very moving and i enjoyed it as it had a very strong story line.
So far I am really enjoying the Media Course as I am getting an insight on how television is produced, before I started Media I didn't realise how much detail went into all the production work. I now understand a lot more about this.

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