Sunday, 25 October 2009

Website Brief

I chose to base my website on drug abuse as I didn't think many people would chose to do this. I am pleased with my website as I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do. I am pleased with all the colour schemes and everything I used although the colour scheme must come across as well thought out and everything on the website has to be in contrast and look professional. Even the position of images, page links and the description on each page must be planned out properly. I am proud of my drugs website as it is professional and well thought out.
I used many different types of language and fonts on my website to get a serious message across. I think the way I have set it out will help people to understand that the organisation is serious about what we do.
I placed the pictures on my homepage in a certain place so that they are the first thing you notice, because of where they are it makes them more important.
The appearance of my website is that it has two dominant colours, they work against each other as my main page background is of a brick wall and I chose to do the writing blue so it stands out against the wall.
As soon as you enter my website it is clear that I am focusing on drugs and nothing else, when the audience see this they should respond by looking further into my website.
My rollovers are clearly laid out and easily usable, I think people would easily understand why they are there and what they are for.
My layout is unconventional as I have used many graphics and colours so it is very interactive, therefore unconventional.
I placed my video on my homepage as I thought this would be the best place for it to go. It is placed in the middle of my page so it is easily noticeable. My video includes images of people taking drugs, appropriate music, a short video of a man being sick after taking drugs and some information on what the symptoms of drug taking are.
I chose a selection of the best photos I took as these were the ones that looked best on my website. I put my photos at an angle as when they were placed on there straight they didn't look as good.
My website is interactive and fun to use, I hope people would enjoy using my website and find it easy to use.

When planning out my website I decided the background of the Homepage should be something to do with my campaign. By taking a picture of a brick wall I felt I was representing the kind of place where these drugs are used. I felt that the brick wall could be a place where people are taking and selling the drugs, as it could be a place of shelter for some.

I used a digital SLR camera to take my picture, once I had uploaded it to the computer I zoomed in slightly to enable me to fit words into each separate brick.

I kept the colouring of the website quite simple as I didn’t want my website to look like too much of a happy place because I am trying to convey a serious message, although I do want people to realise that once they become a part of my campaign we can make them happy again.

The language used on my website is quite formal as the audience looking at my website obviously have a serious addiction and want help to get away from this, therefore by using formal and persuasive language I hope I have shown that I am serious about helping people.

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