Sunday, 6 December 2009

My photography for the site


Brick wall for background - I chose to use a brick wall because visually the connection between drugs and being in an end of the road place. The brickwork is harsh and fits in with an addict’s life.

I also wanted to use the brick pattern, as bricks are normally associated with being outside in derelict areas and some addict’s hide away in places similar to these.


I photo shopped the brick pattern to make it stand out more. I also made my hyperlinks fit in some of the bricks.


Visuals of the different types of drugs and methods of taking them. I have tried to reproduce a variety of drugs.

This image represents the state you can get yourself into by taking drugs. The positioning of the girl leant over to suggest she has passed out with all her stuff messed around her. This could show the after-effects of a night out and represent what can happen when people go to clubs. This shows that they are ashamed and know what they're doing is wrong, the image portrays the darker side to drugs. I feel it works well because it can show that however much a drug can put you on a high and make you feel on top of the world, it has its negative effects that hit you afterwards bringing reality to you.

The images below are just some examples of what can be taken on a night out. it is known that people sneak drugs into toilets and take them without anyone knowing, this can be dangerous as if no one knows the person has taken them the effects can be fatal.

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