Friday, 4 December 2009

Analysis of other campaign websites similar to mine.

Out of these three websites I found that Talk To Frank was the most helpful because it went into the most detail and was the most informing. I chose to base most of my website around TTF as I loved the style of this site.
The other two websites were also good but didn't give as much information as this one, TTF has more colours to look at and is just generally more interesting.
Drugs Line and The Home Office websites do not contain nearly as much information as TTF and I felt that if you were looking for help you want want as much information as you could get, therefore I felt that this was the best website to get ideas from.
All the websites used mainly the same kind of persuasive techniques in their help pages, but one thing TTF did differently was to have a page for every single drug you could think of, and information about where to go and what to do if you happen to be addicted to the selected drug. From seeing this I decided I would also do seprate drugs pages for a few drugs.

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