Thursday, 29 April 2010

3. Who would be the audience for your media product?

I decided early on that my audience would be young people because although they are not the only generation affected by drug use, they are perhaps most affected by it because they can be silly about the choices they make and they can ruin their lives and cause a lot of pain for their family and friends. I also found it easier to aim my site at this group because I am of the same age group so it's easier to know what the issues are and to get access to young people for photographs. If I was to aim the site at older people who might have families and lost their jobs I would have to have a different understanding of the issue and use a very different design to what I wanted to do creatively. My typical audience would be aged 14-24 and they would be in a situation were they realised they have a problem or that their friend has a problem and they want to get advice without their family or their doctor knowing. The social class could be any really because it can affect anyone from any background. The group would be defined by their age not their class. They could also be at school, just left school and working or at university. I think my typical site visitor would be someone who has realised that the drugs they are taking is making them miserable and they want help.

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